TradeMark East Africa (Supporting East African Integration process)

Sponsor:  DIFID

Duration:  2010/2011

EAFF Contact person:  Shem Mecheo

TradeMark East Africa is a multi-donor funded agency which provides support for increased regional trade and economic integration in East Africa.

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) partners with the EAC, other public sector ministries, departments and agencies, the Private Sector and Civil society, to run projects that aim at deepening regional economic integration in East Africa.

The TMEA project with EAFF, resulted in:

  1. Hiring agribusiness and trade officer.
  2. Meet East Africa Development Bank and they are positive to support EAFF and members  E.g. in value addition, ware housing.
  3. Currently training officer in agriculture insurance to be in a position to lobby for the same regionally at EAC.
  4. Officer is participating in many trade related meetings relating to standards, tariffs, policy harmonization etc.
  5. We have signed an MoU with EABC and currently the EAFF Trade and Agribusiness Officer seats in EABC offices and is handling all agriculture issues.
  6. Currently we are working on developing a larger agribusiness and trade proposal.
  7. Support to develop an inclusive agri-business strategy;