Europ-Africa Project

Sponsor:  Europ-Africa NGOs

Duration:  2011

EAFF Contact person:  Mainza Mugoya

Project Country coverage: EAFF, ROPPA, PROPAC

In 2011, EAFF did a study on production models – where we captured studies in Kenya and Uganda focusing on markets and market power by farmers. The Kenya study focused on dairy sector while the Uganda study focused on potato marketing. Funds supported publication development and presentation in Brussels.

Europafrica today: a new opportunity for participation

In this context, EuropAfrica undertakes monitoring of European and global policies which may directly or indirectly impact food security in Africa. Frequently, the European economic policies not only nullify the results achieved through the commitment to development, but are likely to perpetrate poverty. A new model of agriculture that is sustainable and ultimately detached from financial and commercial considerations is absolutely needed. But which model of agriculture is it? And who will benefit from the funds settled to build it? One possible answer could be agroecology, as well as the active participation of small farmers to global forums by means of representative organizations which will directly address their concerns and proposal. This is exactly what happened in 2010, when the reformed CSF- the Committee On Food Security- became an open and inclusive forum.