The present active members are 56 situated at the main population centres.

There has always existed some sort of Agro-pastoralism in Djibouti but actual shift started in 2006 as a result of the effects of Climate Change, causing ground-water salinity all along the coastal area, rendering fruits and vegetables farming non-lucrative and the frequent and prolonged droughts that reduced livestock in the Rural area. The question may not be how much have the farmer’s income increased but having been saved from abandoning the land to shifting to a profitable farming system in which the sales of milk, meat local fruits, and vegetables has brought stable income estimated at 20% more than the fruits and vegetables farming days.

Agro-pastoral farming consists of Small Scale Shade farms in which livestock is kept in Zero-Grazing mode for cattle and goats/sheep with Camels in Semi-gazing because of their nature. What makes this system possible is the growing of types of grass and leguminous plants adapted the brackish water as animal fodder in sufficient quantities to sustain the livestock that must be kept low in numbers but highly productive. Local fruits and vegetables are grown on separate plots of the farms for the family consumption and what is left to the local market. The average Small Scale farm is about One Hectare per family. The majority of the cattle kept here are exotic Frasier Holsteins but cross-breeding with the Zebu has been done with success.  The average cow produces 10litres/day in the cool season from November to May and 8-9 litres in the hot period from June to September.

Ago-pastoral farming is practised in all 5 Regions of Djibouti, always near population centres however re-settlement of Nomads who lost their livestock due to drought has started in the Inner area of the country. The price of a litre of milk is $1.57 while meat is at $8.4 !!. Demand is very high due to the fact that the majority of Djiboutians being of Nomadic background kept their dietary habits of consuming meat and milk but we produce only about 5% while the rest is imported.

Main Offices:

P.O. Box: 38 Djibouti Republic of Djibouti

Office ( 253 ) 341970 Mobile ( 253 ) 843269


P.O. Box: 38 Djibouti Republic of Djibouti

Office (253) 341970 Mobile ( 253 ) 843269