CAADP Africa Forum

Sponsor:  GIZ

Duration:  2011

EAFF Contact person:  Mainza Mugoya

Sponsor’s Contact person:  Schuettel, Carsten

The CAADP Africa Forum is a platform of exchange for people working in agriculture across the continent. The platform offers the opportunity for participants from different countries to meet, exchange and learn from each other’s successes, problems and best practices.

The platform is meant mostly for farmers and farmer representatives, but also for policy makers, manufacturers, traders, retailers, financiers, development workers and others who work in, with or for African agriculture. The purpose of the CAADP Africa Forum is:

Sharing and learning among farmers, experts and decision makers from different agricultural sub-sectors, to foster the up scaling of best practices across Africa as an input into country driven development of the agriculture and rural sector

EAFF Country Coverage for CAADP Africa Forum:

Burundi, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda.

Outcomes and Results in 2011:

  • Completion of video production. A total of 500 DVDs were produced
  • Completion of publication of case studies on climate change. A total of 500 publications were produced
  • Executed sub-regional workshop to follow up on the outcomes of the 2010s meeting. The meeting was attended by EAFF members, EAFF secretariat, COMESA, EALA, Action Aid, South Sudan government officials among others.