EAFF Strategic Plan 2021-2028

The primary objective of the EAFF 2021-2028 new strategic plan, In line with the vision for prosperity and cohesiveness, is to transform smallholder agriculture into a rewarding investment opportunity.

These strategic objectives serve as a logical “Destination” for smallholder farmers who have been empowered to participate in Value chains. Two key attributes of viable smallholder units are that they should generate decent returns on Investment to attract educated youth and reasonably priced credit from commercial lenders.

In order to realize this strategic objective, elements of the 2012-2020 strategic pillars are maintained but better aligned to the emerging opportunities. The new pillars are anchored on 5 mutually reinforcing themes namely;

  • Taking the concept of aggregation in use to scale.
  • Leveraging digital technology.
  • Taking provision of economic services to scale.
  • Advocating for supportive policies.
  • Improving the capacity of members to discharge their representation mandate.

strategic pillars as key results to be delivered by 2028

Strategic Objective/ Purpose: A large proportion of smallholder farming units transformed into profitable enterprises.

  1. Intermediate Result/Output 1: Farmer collectives as vehicles for aggregation in use to generate economies of scale and scope developed and taken to scale.
  2. Intermediate Result/Output 2: Information and communication technology platforms serving as knowledge hubs developed and taken to scale.
  3. Intermediate Result/Output 3: Digital platforms as facilitators of commercial transactions developed and taken to scale.
  4. Intermediate Result/Output 4: The capacity of EAFF, national and sub-national member organizations to provide economic services to their members; and implementation support to partners improved.
  5. Intermediate Result/Output 5: The capacity of EAFF, national and sub-national member organizations to discharge their representation mandate through policy advocacy improved.