EAFF has both management and leadership instruments that guide the day-to-day operations of EAFF. The EAFF constitution and governance manual stipulate the following organs:

  1. Regional farmers’ congress: it is the highest organ of EAFF, a gathering of farmers representatives drawn from all EAFF member organizations. The congress is held every four (4) years;
  2. EAFF Council: That constitutes the general assembly of EAFF, it comprises all chairpersons of EAFF members. It convenes every year. There plans to develop women and youth regional council that shall only address issues related to the two themes and to effect this we have functional gender and youth office.
  3. EAFF Board of directors: The management Board of EAFF is composed of multinational 10 members that are elected every four (4) in the farmers’ congress. They meet thrice a year to control and manage day to day the running of the federation; On the board, there are positions for women and youth and this representation is replicated at the national level.
  4. EAFF secretariat: EAFFs regional office is based in Nairobi. The federation has a secretariat regional staff and with over many national staff based within our membership. The staff have varied capacities in agronomy, climate change, agriculture economics/ trade/policy and agriculture information, communication, finance, procurement, and logistics