Support Development of a Regional Information Toolbox for Selected Commodities in East Africa

Sponsor:  European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Duration:  2014 – 2015

EAFF Contact person: Norbert TUYISHIME


The overall objective of the entire intervention is to develop a regional information tool for a specific agriculture value chain and related agriculture trade dynamism that could increase the level of participation and ownership by farmers in any value chains, and help trigger farmer’s engagement. The tool will be in form of a ‘directory of services’ or ‘toolbox’ that could provide Eastern African farmers with key information on how to access services along the entire value chain for a priority agricultural crop.

Results area:

ECDPM, together with the East African Farmers Federation (EAFF), have formulated the “Information System for Marketing and Trade (ISMT)” as a sub-programme of RIPA-II that seeks to contribute to Specific Objective 3 of the COMESA CAADP Compact, to promote “market information systems and systems for the aggregation of smallholders’ production at borders and for their integration in regional markets and commodity value chains”. The Information System for Marketing and Trade (ISMT) is a set of tools and processes designed to facilitate increased access to regional input and output markets and producer services for smallholder farmers and other agro-food value chain operators in the COMESA region.

4) Strengthening capacity of East African farmer organizations through knowledge management and institutional development

Sponsor:  International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Duration:  2013 – 2015

EAFF Contact person: Norbert TUYISHIME

Goal and objectives:

The overall goal of the project was to improve the capacity of Eastern Africa National FOs and regional umbrella organization (EAFF) to mobilize, retain and represent farmers and to provide services to their members.

The overall objective was to strengthen EAFFs and national FOs institutional capacity by supporting the development and integrations of an efficient knowledge management and learning system in the organizations.

The above were to be realized through the simultaneous implementation of the following four (4) components:

  1. Enhancing learning processes of FOs leaders and managers;
  2. Strengthening professional management through KM&L;
  3. Empowering national and district level FOs and members to strengthen KM and information flow;
  4. Promoting an innovation culture: systematization and sharing.

Result areas:

The implementation of the four components were projected to result in:

  1. Institutional culture supportive of continuous learning and knowledge sharing instilled;
  2. A strong professional cadre established to strengthen knowledge sharing and learning across FOs;
  3. Strong knowledge management processes and information flows at the grassroots level established;
  4. Innovations regularly selected, systematized and disseminated across FOs.

Beneficiary members: All EAFF members with a focus in Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania

Project amount: USD 1,500,000

For more information, find the grant completion report