Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) project

• Title:

Using e-Granary innovation mobile platform to deliver economic services to farmers in East Africa

• Objective:

The Project Goal is to improve the income and living standards of participating eGranary smallholder farmers in Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. The Project Development Objective is to increase the productivity and profitability of participating EGranary farmers. Anticipated outcomes include (i) E-granary platform will be working with 90,000 smallholder farmers registered onto the e-Granary; • Targets: Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania

• Budget:

US$ 2,980,777 of which 2,610,000 US$ is a grant financed by GAFSP MMI initiative for a total of 2,610,000 US$ and EAFF cofinancing US$ 370,777 EAFF

• Duration:

36 months (2018-2020)