• Title:

e-Granary innovative mobile platform for market-oriented e-extension services to farmers

• Objective:

E- extension platform set up and operationalize

• Target:

Pilot in Kenya

• Budget:

Eur 248,000 • Duration: 2018 – 2019

• Achievements:

Deployed the Outbound Voice system (OVS), hosted by Africa is Talking, e-Granary has used the outbound system to reach to the farmers. This has been on technical field advice (e-extension) -Fall armyworm control, Fertilizer application and payment of 20% loan collateral. -Granary has sent 15 messages to farmers in bulk Meru. Farmers receive messages directly on their phones. The messages were done in Kiswahili for ease of interpretation by the farmers. The SMSs have been on Mobilization of existing and new groups to join egranary, informing farmers on payment of 20%, loan repayment for existing loans and preparation for aggregation

• Status:

The project ends with this February