EAFF has both management and leadership instruments that guide the day-to-day operations of EAFF. The operationalization of the strategic plan will take place within the following structures of EAFF:

    • National Farmers Organizations
    • Regional Congress
    • Council
    • Management board
    • EAFF Secretariat

National Farmers Organizations

      • These are central to EAFF and its activities. The mobilization of farmers for collective action starts here.

Regional farmers’ congress

    • This is the highest organ of EAFF, a gathering of farmers’ representatives drawn from all EAFF member organizations.
    • Comprises the general assembly meeting every four years; the climax is the elections of new officials
    • Council
      This is the second highest organ meeting at least once a year, its work is to monitor the functions of the board, which currently comprises 5 nominated members from each member country and meets once a year. The council members are elected by the member platforms during their congress. Currently, each member country provides three council members. The president of EAFF is the chairman of the congress, the council and the board.
      Management board
      The council members elect a management board of 10 people. This is the management arm that receives and approves reports of the organization, meets at least thrice a year and comprises two elected members from each member country.
      EAFF Secretariat
      The secretariat provides overall coordination and stewardship of the regional body’s aims and objectives.