Strategies & Mechanisms to Integrate Small Scale Farmers into EAC Markets (SDC)

Sponsor:  Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation(SDC)

Duration:  2012-2014 (24 months)

EAFF Contact person: Norbert TUYISHIME


The project aimed at enhancing the integration of small scale agriculture producers as active players in the value chain and regional cross border markets. EAFF Farmers (mainly comprising women farmers) participation in EAC markets is extremely low, then providing farmers with the necessary tools, information (MIS) and capacity strengthening, the role of farmers in the markets will be better enhanced and by extension the levels of poverty and food insecurity shall be significantly reduced.

Summary results:

The project developed approaches and tools dubbed agribusiness toolbox – specialization in 5 priority commodities (Maize, Rice, Potato, Cassava and extensive livestock); prepared a 5-year weekly price trend analysis of these commodities (2010-2014); developed a directory for cross border value chain actors of our priority commodities; and a model for farmers integration into regional agriculture value chain markets with a specific reference to models promoting women farmers through knowledge exchange, development of strategic partnership

Beneficiary countries:Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi

Project budget: USD 535,802

From more details kindly read the end of project report