RPLAP Project

Sponsor:  Swedish Cooperative Centre Regional Office for East Africa (SCCROEA)

Duration:  2009 – 2012

EAFF Contact person:  Mainza Mugoya

Sponsor’s Contact person:  George Onyango (e-mail: george.onyango@sccroea.org)

The Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation (EAFF) Regional Policy Lobbying and Advocacy project is focused on strengthening the capacity of EAFF and her member organizations in the area of policy formulation, lobbying and advocacy. This capacity will cover the areas of problem identification, policy formulation, validation, lobbying and advocacy, and tracking. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the lobbying and advocacy capacities of producer organizations to respond to agricultural development challenges in Eastern Africa by 2012. The project will address this objective in two ways. First, by building capacities in the fore-mentioned areas; and second, by undertaking activities in these areas, that is, actual identification of problems; formulation of policy proposals; validation of those proposals; lobbying and advocacy to policy makers and other relevant stakeholders; and lastly policy tracking. The scope of the project is the East African region, and the target groups are EAFF and eight (8) of her members in four East African countries – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

By building the capacities of farmer federations to address these challenges in a professional and systematic way, this project will improve on the efficiency of problem identification and solving at the policy level. The project will seek to strengthen capacities and linkages between EAFF and national federations, and the national federations with their member organizations.