FISFAP Project


Financial Inclusion for Smallholder Farmers in Africa Project (FISFAP)

Improve the living standard of smallholder farmers in Kenya through increased incomes and financial inclusivity.

Project objectives:

Higher incomes for farmers through increased access to credit

1: Increased access to Financial services/ crediT

2: Increased market access by farmers

3: Enhanced capacity of farmers on Structured Trade and financial literacy

4: Increased awareness of the e-Granary platform by farmers

5: Increased public Knowledge on the success of e-granary

Solution strategy

The e-Granary is both a communication and payment platform capable of increasing the income of farmers between 40% and 100% (or 180 to 450 USD) as well as providing them access to a relatively high level of credit per farmer. It provides the credit opportunity at two levels – at production and at delivery of produce to the certified warehouse.