Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) Call to Action for Cop27.

EAFF Call to Action for Cop27.

The Eastern Africa Farmer’s Federation (EAFF), comprising 24 farmer organizations from 10 countries, has signed a shared call to action to enhance the role of farmers in climate policy. The EAFF’s members represent apex farmer associations, co-operatives, and commodity associations, representing over 25 million farmers across East Africa. Despite the unique national priorities and processes within each member country, this call serves as a common request for support to enhance farmer-led climate change intervention processes at the national and regional levels. This collective statement includes key messages from farmer organizations, as well as contributions from the EAFF Secretariat in support of their members.  Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) Call to Action for Cop27.   statement  


This position is the aggregation of important messages from farmer organizations through the regional networks and contributions from the
Secretariat in support of their members. It is important to note, from the outset, that PAFO acknowledges the critical role that agriculture and food systems play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Furthermore, it points out the enormous threat that climate change poses to farmers across Africa and the needed support to enable them to adapt to its effects on their farming activities.

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PAFO declaration_French version

Global food security at risk: Over 350 mn family farmers warn world leaders

Organizations representing more than 350 million families farmers and producers published an open letter to world leaders on Monday, warning that global food security is at risk unless governments boost adaptation finance for small-scale production and promote a shift to more diverse, low-input agriculture.