Support to farmer organizations in Africa programme (SFOAP) end-of-project workshop

EAFF conducted the end of project workshop in Kampala on 26th and 27th March 2018 where a total of 38 individuals (27 males and 11 females) participated. They included IFAD representatives, EU mission in Uganda, EAFF staff and representatives from NFOS in the Eastern Africa region (CAK, UNFE, UCA, MVIWATA, TFC, SYDIP, IMBARAGA, CAPAD and FOPAK). The Workshop’s objectives were to:

I. Highlight and share the knowledge, experience and lessons that have been learned during the project implementation period including strengths, weaknesses experienced, opportunities that were identified in the course of implementation to further and sustain progress;

II. Agree on the best practice approaches and action points

III. Make recommendations for consideration in the planning of Post SFOAP.

Below were some of the workshop outputs:

a) To inform participants on SFOAP benefits

b) Share the results, lessons and challenges from the implementation of the project’s activities

c) Generate follow up activities for planning of post-SFOAP